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Specialty Products

Lumberworks offers several specialty products at unmatched prices. Below is a list of those specialty products and their respective features:


Ipe is a very hard and dense wood, originally sourced from Latin America. It's density gives it a class A fire rating, the same as concrete or steel. Ipe is also known for its natural smoothness, giving it an exotic look. It can also last up to 75 years.

Magnesium Oxide Wallboard

Magnesium Oxide wallboard can be used for many general construction uses, but can be especially helpful for projects requiring fire resistance, mold prevention, and sound limitation. This material is also resistant to water, chemical, and insect damage.

Light Gauge Metal Framing

Light Gauge Metal Framing is able to be built very quickly and without heavy tools and machinery. This framing can also be modified easily at any point during its lifespan. Steel, rather than wood, does not shrink or warp when exposed to heat, and is in fact fire retardant.