Our Process – Lumberworks

Our Process

At Lumberworks we know that General Contractors compete in a market where every dollar matters. That is why we work tirelessly to provide lumber at lower prices than anyone else in the market. Lumberworks is the premier provider of wholesale lumber, plywood and stain boards in the Denver area. By cutting overhead from costly lumber yards, we are able to provide Lumber to you for less.


How we do it

Lumber yards add 15% or more to their prices because of their process. They divert lumber from various mills and store them in large, hard to maintain yards, leading to a high overhead that costs you. Lumber and plywood are perishable and once in the yard, lumber from various mills are mixed, rebranded and often sit for a month. This system is not only inefficient but lacks any sort of effective quality control.
At Lumberworks we cut costs by facilitating the shipment of lumber from mills directly to your job site. We don’t unpackage or store any product,  ensuring the shipment of high quality lumber directly from one of many trusted mills. Given this process, we only sell wholesale units with the same variety that you would find at the mill, everything from studs to hardwoods. Additionally, we make ordering easy with our top of the line website and network of qualified salesmen. Visit our site or call at any time for a free quote or to place an order. We fulfill orders within the week and never charge you before it arrives. With our easy to use website and streamlined supply chain, you get high quality, standardized lumber for a lower cost. Smart, Right?
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